Nieuw: RobecoSAM Circular Economy Equities-strategie


RobecoSAM, de beleggingsspecialist die zich al 25 jaar exclusief richt op duurzaam beleggen, lanceert de RobecoSAM Circular Economy Equities-strategie.

De beleggingsdoelstelling van de strategie is om kapitaalgroei op lange termijn te bereiken door te beleggen in beursgenoteerde bedrijven die inspringen op de verschuiving in traditionele productie- en consumptiepatronen naar een circulaire economie. De strategie wordt beheerd door Holger Frey, senior portfoliomanager in het RobecoSAM Trends & Thematic Investment-team.

RobecoSAM, the investment specialist that has focused exclusively on Sustainable Investing for 25 years, today announced the launch of the RobecoSAM Circular Economy Equities strategy (the “strategy”). The strategy’s investment objective is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in listed companies that address the opportunities created by the paradigm shift in traditional production and consumption patterns toward a circular economy. The strategy is managed by Holger Frey, a senior portfolio manager in the RobecoSAM Trends & Thematic Investment team.

Revolutionizing the Global Economy

A revolution of the global economy is underway. The traditional linear economy which follows the “take-make-dispose” consumption model and in which value is created by selling as many products as possible is becoming unsustainable. A steadily growing global middle class with greater purchasing power is putting tremendous pressure on the finite resources of our planet and endangering our environment.

Currently, the linear economy consumes finite resources at 1.75 times the planet’s annual regenerative capacity[1]. And yet, each year in the US, about 5bn lbs of goods returned after purchase, equivalent to about 5,600 fully loaded 747 jets, goes to landfill[2]. In response, the circular economy in which resources are kept in use for as long as possible, the maximum value is extracted from them whilst in use, and products and materials are then recovered and regenerated at the end of each service, is rapidly gaining momentum.

The paradigm shift to a circular economy is disrupting traditional production and consumption patterns. An increasing number of countries and companies are addressing the inefficiencies of linear production and waste, and establishing recycling policies. Industry self-regulation towards a circular economy is gaining momentum amid looming regulatory pressure and consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable products.

The circular economy creates value in loops

With such monumental changes come exciting investment opportunities. The shift toward a circular economy has been valued at USD 4.5 trillion by 2030. The RobecoSAM Circular Economy Equities strategy gives investors a unique opportunity to be part of this largely untapped growth story.

The RobecoSAM Circular Economy Equities strategy aims to identify and invest in leading companies that create value in loops. These companies employ targeted production and consumption, predictive maintenance, and enhanced use of byproducts to create value from inefficiencies. Specifically, the strategy invests in companies in the following investment clusters:

  • Redesign Inputs (Consumer Packaging, Renewable Feedstock & Fiber, Building Materials, Precision Farming)
  • Circular Use (Nutrition, Fashion & Leisure, Household & Lifestyle, Sharing Economy)
  • Enabling Technologies (Digitization, Product as Service, Logistic & Testing)
  • Loop Resources (Product Lifetime Extension, Collection & Sorting, Recovery & Recycling)

Infographic: Keeping products in the loop creates value

Nieuw: RobecoSAM Circular Economy Equities-strategie

Investment approach

Portfolio construction is pre-dominantly based on bottom-up stock selection and takes into account sub-cluster attractiveness. Financially material ESG aspects are integrated in the company valuation analysis. The strategy also has a positive impact on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as it addresses recyclability of products or packaging solutions, waste prevention in manufacturing, sustainable sourcing, food waste reduction, landfill waste and GHG emissions (CO2e emissions). Active ownership is an instrumental part of the investment process and a way in which we engage on specific Circular Economy issues with individual companies.

Holger Frey, Senior Portfolio Manager, RobecoSAM Circular Economy Equities strategy, RobecoSAM:

“We are reaching a tipping point for traditional production and consumption patterns. Tightening environmental regulation coupled with rising consumer awareness favor higher circularity and the shift away from finite resource extraction. The RobecoSAM Circular Economy Equities strategy gives investors a unique opportunity to capitalize on the still nascent and disruptive investment opportunity.

Mark van der Kroft, Head of Trends & Thematic Investing, Robeco and RobecoSAM: “We have a unique history of being at the forefront of sustainability-driven investment opportunities and the launch of the RobecoSAM Circular Economy Equities strategy continues this tradition. The shift toward circularity among countries, companies, as well as individuals, is well underway as we seek a more sustainable way of life on our planet. Our new strategy offers clients an opportunity to invest in this game-changing movement and aims to deliver superior investment returns.”

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